How can I get technical support and assistance for the indicators?2023-08-29T14:28:22+02:00

You can get all the help you need by watching our explanatory videos, or by chatting directly with the Blockunity team on our Discord server.

Is it possible to buy specific Unyx Data indicators rather than a complete package?2023-08-29T14:29:27+02:00

Each Unyx Data is also available with a specific price, giving you the opportunity to personalize your subscriptions as much as possible. Go directly to the pricing page.

How long do I have to wait to get access to the indicators after ordering?2023-09-12T11:33:56+02:00

Once your order has been validated, you will have access to your indicators directly via TradingView, in “Indicators” > “Invite-only scripts” within 12 hours at most. Please fill in your TradingView username when ordering or in your personal area. If you still don’t have access after 12 hours, please contact us by e-mail or through our Discord.

How can I receive alerts via Discord?2023-08-29T14:30:38+02:00

If you’ve ordered a bundle including the “Discord Alert System”, you’ll be able to receive certain alerts for supported cryptocurrencies in live via Discord. To do so, after ordering, go to your Account (top right corner of the screen) and click on the “Connect with Discord” button. Roles will be automatically assigned to you so that you can see the alert channels related to your subscriptions, on the Blockunity Discord.

How do I sign up for the referral program?2023-08-29T14:31:18+02:00